Commissioning a spa

To be able to use the spa to perfection you must be able to handle everything related to its use. Therefore, you should know how to use interview products and related materials. So start by getting to know what they are, and what are they for? This will let you know what to use to do this and when. Because having an opportunity to buy a cheap spa in a jacuzzi sale is not enough.

The necessary materials.

Jacuzzi spa test strip, sanitizer such as chlorine and bromine, pH enhancer or reducer, alkalinity enhancer. Also take into account the volume of water, as the quantity of products used depends on it. For that, the user manual could help you. At least until you get to know your jacuzzi spa. Leave your jacuzzi spa energized all year round. The filtration system should run daily for a period of time. The jacuzzi spa always maintains the temperature and continues filtration even when you are not using it.

The processes to follow.

Start by filling your jacuzzi spa with fresh water, followed by the start-up of the filtration system and pump. Use the strip to test the water (sanitation and alkalinity level). You have to reach 90 to 120 ppm so if necessary use the alkalinity booster. Also add the sanitizer to have the necessary level for chlorine 2 ~ 4ppm and for bromine it is 3 ~ 4. It is recommended to dissolve in advance in hot water the granules, using a container before l '' add to the spa water. And then an hour later test the water again to see its pH level. If necessary adjust it to the ideal level (7.2 to 7.4). In case you realize that the treatment is not successful or is not enough. Go for shock treatment to make sure the bacteria are gone forever. (It is better to know that between chlorine and bromine, it is recommended to use bromine because it is less irritating for your skin compared to chlorine)

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