Come hit the waves of the Basque country

There are plenty of beaches in the south-western part of France. In the Basque country more precisely in Biarritz, there are even sites specializing in the discovery of the ocean and which offer many attractive programs.

All you need to surf in Biarritz

For the nautical sports fanatic, the commune of Biarritz is really the ideal place. Thanks to its multitude of places, the ocean is really part of the main attraction of this municipality. There is even an association specialized in the discovery of the ocean and its derivatives and which are named Biarritz Ocean. To be able to surf, it will be necessary to appropriate appropriate equipment and accessories necessary to be really safe. Fortunately, the city of Biarritz has the sign "surfboard rental biarritz" which is precisely the specialist of this type of equipment. There are boards of all sizes, all colors and dimensions but also surfing combinations and other useful trifles.

What makes Biarritz a unique place

It is not for nothing that the Basque country is the European capital of surfing. For all lovers of this sport, Biarritz is the ideal place. The waves are really adapted to this sport and we can say that the beaches of Biarritz compete with that of Hawaii, California and other fame of the kind. The atmosphere will be cool and apart from surfing, the coastline is perfectly suited for a small family excursion. According to observers, the coast of the Basques is the most beautiful beach of the whole French territory. Each season, it hosts many international events on surfing like the Casetas de Biarritz or the Wheels and Waves. It is both a place full of sensation and can be said to be also a historic beach. Surfing art also has its place in Biarritz. Many artists, such as musicians, painters, creators, can inspire them on its banks.

Aquatic Sports

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