Considerations when fitting a used saddle

The second-hand market appeals more and more people every year. And it is especially the case in the horse riding sector : indeed it is a sport that costs a lot, and many riders cannot afford brand new equipment. That is why they often buy second-hand stuff, like their saddle for example.

How to choose the right saddle ?

The saddle is the central element of the horse rider's equipment : it has to be comfortable for him, and perfectly suitable for the horse's morphology at the same time. That is why there is no discussion choosing any kind of saddle : indeed, a saddle which is not appropriate for your horse might cause serious injuries to its back. So you have to scrupulously study your horse's anatomy before you choose your saddle. It especially calls for a precise inspection of its morphology and its measurements, to know which kind of saddle is the best for it. Luckily, most of saddles are suitable for most of horses. But if you still doubt about it, do not hesitate to call upon a saddle fitter who will help you choose the best saddle. Your saddle also have to be comfortable for you : indeed you will use it for a long time, and an uncomfortable saddle may quiclky turn your riding session into a real torture.

What about used saddles ?

Generally, the saddle is the most expensive part of the equipment : prices quickly soar, and a quality leather saddle may costs ten thousand dollars. It represents an astronomical sum to many riders which often choose to turn towards used saddles. That is a good solution to buy a quality saddle at low cost : they usually are well-maintained, so they are in a good state to be used for many other years. Come and click to visit site of used saddles.

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